A brief story…

2005: Creation of Sygnatures

In 2005, two of the largest regional accounting and auditing firms, Revirex and Laberenne-Laffont in Toulouse, merged to create a new entity, Sygnatures SA.

This merger was intended to better take into account the needs of the regional clientele made up of groups of intermediate sized businesses, small and medium sized businesses and very small businesses that require a more global and specialised offer.

2011: Integration of Sygnatures Bourdil

The firm Bourdil et Associés joined the Sygnatures group and the firm was renamed Sygnatures Bourdil. As a result, the group obtained two additional offices in Auch and Gimont with 21 employees.

With their joining, the first chartered accountancy firm in the Gers department was founded.

2013: An ongoing adventure

2013 marks a new stage in the development of the Sygnatures Group. The firm’s founders, Georges Couronne, Michel Tudel, Jean Laberenne, Pierre Laffont and Josiane Gorse transferred their shares to Sygnatures API, a holding company made up of the senior executives who had been part of the structure for many years.

The takeover team of 16 partners was led by Jean-Yves Gaillat.

By being independent, the group aspired to uphold its driving values: a commitment to providing the best possible support to its clients, independence and critical thinking, a spirit of initiative, openness and sharing.

With value-added outsourcing solutions in the financial, payroll and HR fields, Sygnatures develops tailor-made digital management tools for the managers of small and medium-sized companies. Sygnatures also assists industrial and service groups with strategic missions: consolidated financial statements, legal and tax arrangements, company takeovers, debt restructuring, company assessment, etc. Moreover, since 2016, Sygnatures has also been an “independent third party“, able to verify its clients’ CSR information.

2018: Capsud

Thanks to this new and expanded offer, in December 2017 the Sygnatures Group signed a partnership agreement with the Montpellier-based firm Capsud, also a specialist in SMEs and VSEs.

Jean-Yves Gaillat was pleased to announce, “We are committed to establishing a long-term presence in the Montpellier area of eastern Occitania, by associating ourselves with a dynamic structure firmly rooted in its territory. As of today, Capsud Sygnatures will be able to deploy the full range of the group’s services for the benefit of its clients“.

The partnership between Sygnatures and Capsud took the form of a brand licensing agreement for a period of 3 years, with each entity retaining full independence. With this original and innovative model in the accounting, consulting and auditing sector, the Sygnatures Group reaffirmed its identity as an innovator.